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Almost 100 migrants found living in stables in Marsa


Around 100 suspected illegal immigrants have been found living in horrendous conditions in a stable in Marsa.

Shocked police officers discovered mouldy walls, old mattresses, clothes hanging from nails and a terrible stench.

The residents were reportedly paying around €100 a month each to live in the stables near the Marsa Racecourse.

Around a dozen police and enforcement officials from the Planning Authority raided the building on Wednesday morning, breaking down doors to get inside.

A number of arrests were made.

Johann Buttigieg, the chairman of the Planning Authority, announced the crackdown in a Facebook post.

He said: ‘A major operation is currently underway at Marsa involving the Planning Authority together with immigration officials, ALE, IRU and Health Authority officials.

‘A considerable number of peoples have been found living in stables.

‘Up to four migrants lived in a bedroom. The average shared living quarters for 12 people was approximately 20sqm, where they cooked, washed and lived.’

The owner of the stables told the Times of Malta newspaper: ‘This is my property. We were just giving a place to live to these migrants, helping them out.’

‘They lived better than some Maltese. They even had a fridge and a window.’

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