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Doctor Explains Why Many Soon Could Be Sick



The common cold seems to be affecting a larger number of people than usual, with runny noses, scratchy throats, and a general lack of energy. A doctor has explained why this is happening… and it makes a lot of sense!


After a year and a half of worrying about the COVID-19 epidemic and overthinking every minor symptom that could imply a positive test on the horizon, even the tiniest cough makes people feel compelled to convince others, “It’s not COVID, I’ve been tested!”



TikTok star and general practitioner Dr. Karan Raj, discussed the popular cold in his recent video. He stated; ‘If you’ve been sick recently – runny nose, sore throat, generally feeling crap – but it’s not COVID, you’re not the only one. There’s been a big rise in the number of viral infections recently, and the main reason is because of the easing of COVID restrictions. We’re mixing, meeting up with people, being outdoors in a way we haven’t been for about 18 months’.



He also added that ‘the initial lockdowns helped to reduce the spread of COVID, but it also helped to reduce the number of non-COVID infections like cold and flu. Now that we’re going back out, the germs are coming back out too.’



Other doctors agreed with Dr. Karan Raj, stating that common colds are resurfacing due to a decrease in social isolation and mask use. They’re rebounding back because the respiratory tract hasn’t had enough recent exposure to respiratory infections to establish that robust first line defense.

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