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A number of Covid-19 restrictions lifted: schools to reopen on Monday


While addressing a news conference earlier today regarding the removal of a number of Covid-19 restriction, Prime Minister Robert Abela said that primary schools and childcare centres will be reopening from Monday 12 April. The Prime Minister also announced that non-essential shops and services will be allowed to open on April 26.

Middle schools will be welcoming students again from next Wednesday, with secondary schools welcoming students from April 16. As from next week non-urgent operations will be resumed at Mater Dei Hospital, while churches are allowed to celebrate mass as from April 18.

Prime Minister Abela also said that nursing homes will allow visitors.

At the same time he stressed that bars and restaurants will be kept closed for the time being, with the same measures still in force with regard to weddings, with the date of 1 June indicated as the date on which they could possibly resume.

He reiterated that from April 26 the rule limiting groups to two people will be abolished, with groups of up to four people being allowed to meet. Prime Minister Abela stressed that while some of the measures will be removed, they could be reinstated in the event of a resurgence of new cases.

He said the reopening plan is based on parameters that include a smaller number of cases of the virus, a decrease in the number of patients in the hospital, and an increase in the vaccination rate. He also said vouchers meant to stimulate the economy will be being distributed once all shops and services reopen.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne highlighted Malta’s high vaccination rate, with 42% of adults receiving at least one dose of the vaccine. He reiterated that the number of patients in the hospital has decreased significantly, with the number of patients at Mater Dei Hospital until yesterday amounting to 41. This when compared to mid-March when the daily average was 140 patients.

He said the same decline was recorded in the number of patients receiving intensive care, with the number falling from a maximum of 31 patients in March to eight cases yesterday.

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