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New Arts Education Scheme launched


Minister for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government José Herrera announced that Arts Council Malta has launched a new Arts Education Scheme as part of a €6 million direct investment in the local cultural and creative sectors. The new Arts Education Scheme will inject a direct investment of €120,000 in the sector of arts formation and development and is a result of extensive consultation with the sector as part of the work carried out for the development of the RESTART 2021 schemes by Arts Council Malta.

Addressing a press conference at the Valletta Campus Theatre, Minister Herrera explained how this scheme is an important block in the building of a robust cultural and creative sector and how this new scheme addressed the core of the formation and development of new, upcoming artists. “We believe in investing in arts education as the key to flourishing and sustainable creative and cultural sectors, whereby everyone is given the opportunity to not just appreciate art but to achieve their aspirations of expressing themselves in their preferred art form,” said Minister Herrera.

​Funding and Strategy Director Mary Ann Cauchi explained: “This scheme is part of a wider plan of action to support and enhance the teaching and learning of the arts. A plan which includes initiatives on different levels such as training, development, and regularisation of the arts education framework.”

The new scheme is open for organisations active in arts education and training, with the aim to support institutions, organisations and enterprises in providing a high standard and forward-looking education in arts and creativity. The scheme also highlights the importance of cross-sectoral collaborations, which lead to a wider inclusion of arts and creativity, greater collaboration and diffusion of knowledge amongst sectors. Such collaborations can take place between formal and informal education, creative education institutions and museums, social or non-governmental NGOs, amongst others.

Christabel Catania, Education and Development Associate at Arts Council Malta also presented the details of the scheme and the evaluation criteria as outlined in the scheme application.

The Arts Education Scheme is open to all cultural and creative operators, from individuals to companies and voluntary organisations active in arts education. An information session will be held online on the 4 March 2021 at noon.

For further information, visit the RESTART 2021 schemes page on Arts Council Malta’s website, call us on 2334 7230, or email fundinfo@artscouncil.mt.

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