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WATCH: Mini & Griz Return!



If we had to ask people all over Malta and Gozo what programme they used to watch right after school, irrespective of their age, the answer would be Mini Bugz – and the much-loved Mini and Griz!

We all remember how we felt when the show came to an end, and we often find ourselves singing ‘Another Summer Night fil-Kantuniera, Maz-Zija Joyce u n-Nanna Mer!’



Well, Mini and Griz are back after their creator, actor Toni Busuttil in arte Toni tal-Vann, took to Twitter to give us a glimpse into their lives!




♬ original sound – tonibusuttil




#fyp #mini #minibugz #jaqqqq #malta

♬ original sound – tonibusuttil


And as an added Bonus, Toni also threw in a hilarious TikTok of Miss Maggie, who spoke of her crush…Economy Minister Silvio Schembri!



♬ original sound – tonibusuttil

We do not know what these TikToks mean. Could it be Toni is teasing a proper full-on comeback? Could it be we will see Mini and Griz as part of one of the Autumn TV Schedules? Could it be?

We do not have the answer, but what we know for sure is that these TikToks are what we needed for that little midweek feel-good factor!



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