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WATCH: The Witcher Meets Pokemon Go in This New App



I’m 100% sure most us remember when the giant app Pokemon Go first hit our play-stores all the way back in 2016 (I know it is only four years ago, but with everything that’s going on every year feels like it’s going by at snail-speeds). Anyway, it was a huge success, with 1 billion downloads by March 2019.

The Pokemon Company had their fun making people flood the streets looking for rare pixels, so now it’s time for The Witcher franchise to get some of that action!



Developed by Spokko, The Witcher: Monster Slayer is gearing up to not just be a Pokemon Go reboot! Using the same Augmented Reality (AR) technology, The Witcher: Monster Slayer aims to go above and beyond the capabilities of its predecessor.



If you’re a Witcher fan, which I’m sure many of you are considering the massive success of The Witcher videogames and Netflix series, then I’m sure you’re going to lose your mind over this game! The whole scope is that you hunt monsters straight from the Witcher franchise right on your Android or iOS device, but that’s not even close to the limit of what you can do.



This game adds many elements like bomb crafting and potion brewing to help you conquer stronger monsters, and you can even upgrade your character’s skills and equipment as you go. Oh and, just between you and me, it’s going to be FREE TO PLAY, so that’s pretty much the icing on the cake in my opinion.



Yes, it’s very impressive as it is, but would you believe me if I told you there is actually one more crucial feature left? Apparently, the real-life weather conditions are actually going to make a difference to what type of monsters appear! Now as cool as it sounds, I’m pretty sure the only monster popping out when you get stuck in the pouring rain with your phone out is the price of a new phone.

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