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Six months later, Miriam Pace’s husband says her death was ‘for nothing’


The husband of a woman who lost her life when the residence she was in crumbled beneath her says that her death has so far been in vain as nothing has changed to make living in homes safer.

In a heart-wrenching post on Facebook, Carmel Pace said that six months ago Malta was alight with the news of the tragedy with politicians and authorities making statements which led one to think that a lesson could have been learnt.

But, since then, we have heard nothing about a report ordered by the Prime Minister and a call for a public inquiry has been ignored, Pace wrote. “I hope that in something like this, when a life was lost through negligence, there are no partisan interests,” he said.

But, like the sound of thunder which is lost into nothing, “so has your death been in vain, dear Miriam,” Pace added. All the promises that were made are nothing but smoke.

He said he still cries when he visits her grave and sometimes he asks himself whether all that has happened is true. But he quickly realises the extent of the tragedy when he remembers that he has ended up without a home and clothes, and that now he needs to go to court to get back what belonged to him.

Four people pleaded not guilty to the involuntary homicide of Pace, who died after her house collapsed on 2 March. 

54-year-old Pace was buried under the rubble of her home after it collapsed in Triq Joseph Abela Scolaro, in Hamrun. Pace’s house was right next door to a building site which was being excavated at the time. 

The four accused are 36 year-old architect Roderick Camilleri of Rabat, Site Technical Officer, 72, Perit Anthony Mangion of Gzira, 37 year-old contractor Ludwig Dimech from Zebbug and a 42 year-old workman, Nicholas Spiteri from Mqabba.


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