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Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech both fit to run for PN leadership, Candidates Commission head says


Adrian Delia and Bernard Grech are both “idoneous” to run for the post of Nationalist Party leader, the chairman of the PN’s Candidates Commission said on Monday.

Colin Bowman said on the party’s media wing NET TV on Monday that the two candidates had already met with the commission a week ago and that the commission had concluded that both are fit to run for the post and to lead the PN.

Bowman was speaking on the programme ‘Magħkom’.

He explained that work on the due diligence of each candidate is also ongoing and is expected to be concluded within the six-week time-frame stipulated by the PN’s statute.

That time-frame expires in the third week of September – ironically right around Independence Day, a day given a lot of significance by the PN.

After that, the leadership contest between the two will officially kick-off – although both candidates have made several television appearances already and have already begun to use social media to convey their respective message.

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