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Joseph Portelli’s San Blas illegalities still present, PA confirms


The Planning Authority has confirmed that the illegalities on land owned by property magnate Joe Portelli near San Blas Bay in Gozo are still present.

On 15 July, it was reported that Portelli was once again served with an enforcement notice related to the illegalities in fields overlooking San Blas Bay.

The notice reads: “Development without permit on scheduled property covered with Government Notice GN 712_06 consisting of beach furniture, camps and change of use of site from agricultural land to recreational area.”

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The area in question in scheduled as a Level 3 area of ecological importance. The recent development is very much similar to that carried out in 2014, when The Malta Independent had revealed the existence of illegal structures. Back then, the Planning Authority had also served Portelli with an enforcement notice.

The authority has also issued a separate enforcement order against the owner of a nearby kiosk who failed to seek a permit to change the use of the land from a field to an area of commercial activity. The development includes the laying of structures, cooking equipment, beach furniture, umbrellas and chairs. The contravener, in this case, is Stephen Bigeni.

The Malta Independent sent a number of questions to the Planning Authority asking for details about the daily fine, whether the PA be taking direct action to remove the structures, and to detail what action is being taken to ensure no further development is taking place on the site.

In response, the PA said: “The Enforcement Notices issued against Mr. Bigeni and Mr. Portelli gave them 16 days to remove the illegalities and reinstate the site. Both Enforcement Notices include a daily fine. Daily fines commence at €10 per day and progress up to €50 per day. If the illegalities are not removed and the site re-instated once the 16 day time period elapses, the Authority will decide what additional enforcement measures will be taken.”

The PA also confirmed that the illegalities are still present on site.

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