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Watch – Coronavirus: Measures being taken, best way is to prevent contagion – Minister


Family Minister Micheal Falzon said that measures are being taken by the health authorities to tackle any instances of Coronavirus taking place in Malta, and this includes elderly people’s homes. It is known, he said, that such diseases hit the most vulnerable in society, with elderly people being more prone to suffer any consequences.

No patient has as yet been diagnosed with Coronavirus in Malta, but the disease is quickly spreading across countries and borders, and the best way is to try to prevent contagion.

In reply to questions by The Malta Independent, Falzon said “people who are most affected by (Coronavirus) have certain health conditions already. The health ministry…  said that there are no cases in Malta but we are taking the required measures necessary and they need to be implemented everywhere, even in elderly homes.”

Asked if there are any measures specifically targeting the protection of the elderly being taken in light of the worrying statements from the health authorities, Falzon simply stated that; “at this stage, the most important thing is the prevention of anyone coming into contact with people coming from countries in which it is present so that we are able to keep it outside of our country.”

Original article found on The Malta Independent


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