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€2.5m invested in central part of Marsamxett as part of Grand Harbour regeneration


Minister for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects Ian Borg today visited Triq Marsamxett and Triq San Bastjan in Valletta where he saw the result of work done in the area by the Gran Harbour Regeneration Corporation (GHRC) with a total investment of around €2.5 million.

“I am proud that today we have GHRC within the Ministry and we are keen to continue witnessing more important work together. Today we can see valuable work that not only honours our country’s cultural heritage, but which has given a more beautiful environment and a better quality of life for the residents living in this touristic area of Valletta,” said Minister Ian Borg.

Among the work done by this corporation, the House of Catalunya and Auberge de Baviere facades were restored with an investment of over €500,000. This also included structural interventions on the House of Catalunya.

An additional investment of more than €1 million led to an adequately paved promenade, an accessible, safe and wide pavement of around a kilometre. A part of the bastions here was also restored with new railings while an invasive species of trees was removed, and more than 120 indigenous trees were planted. The existing olive trees were cultivated. Works also included services, new water management connections and the installation of an irrigation system.

This is apart from an investment of €850,000 in more than 12,500 square metres of restored bastions in this area. Therefore, the investment here is around €2.5 million.

“This is what befits our Capital City, and this is what we will continue to see. We recently inaugurated 11 new social housing units a little further up from here – another GHRC project that considers the social aspect. This corporation implements some of the most important Government work, comprehensive work that doesn’t forget any sector or any part of our society. We will continue working hard, investing and delivering more and more results and benefits for all Maltese and Gozitan people,” concluded Minister Ian Borg.

Parliamentary Secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi stated that he witnessed the birth and beginning of this project when he was chairman of the GHRC and today he continues to follow it as Parliamentary Secretary responsible for EU funds. Zrinzo Azzopardi went on to say that this project introduced a new method of regeneration. Whereas before this kind of regeneration was carried out on the northern part of Valletta and was limited to restoration, we now have a more holistic project. In fact, the series of works carried out come with a concept of regeneration for the people, not only towards restoration and the attraction of investment by the private sector, but work being done for the residents of the capital city living in the area, ranging from social housing to pavements and embellishment towards accessibility, and this is regeneration for the people.

“At the heart of regeneration, we should always have the people and how they will benefit from the project,” said Zrinzo Azzopardi.

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