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Interconnector repairs to cost € 11 million


Minister for
Energy and Water Management, Michael Farrugia, said that in recent days an
agreement was signed with the company that will be making repairs on the
interconnector. The estimated cost for these repairs, which is covered by
insurance, will amount to € 11 million.

The Minister said that the ship that has caused the damage with its anchor has been identified. The process where insurances were contacted, and the damage and costs evaluated had begun immediately.

The Minister
pointed out that it was wise on the government’s part to not only set up the
interconnector but took the necessary initiatives to ensure that the country is
self-sufficient. He said that if the country had to rely only on the
interconnector, this would not be enough to serve the demand.

The Minister
added that will be looking at every possibility and innovative development,
including discussing the idea of ​​alternative energy. “There is an emphasis
to push for alternative energy so that we can eventually cope with the demand
and since demand is increasing, we have to be proactive and not reactive to this
demand,” explained the Minister.

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