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Government should stop ‘dragging its feet’ and work on education sector: PN


With the education sector going through a crisis due to a lack of long-term planning, Robert Abela’s government must stop “dragging its feet” and provide the necessary security for educators and students, the Nationalist Party said.

In a statement issued on the day dedicated to education, the PN highlighted the important role teachers have. “Teachers hold the key to our children’s education. Our teachers deserve our full respect and all the necessary tools so that they can continue to do their job in the best way possible. Investment in the education system is a big investment for our youth.”

The PN said the government must stop postponing the building of new schools, adding that many students were being taught in containers, described by the government as ‘mobile classrooms’, instead of modern facilities.

The PN said it also expects the best security measures for teachers and workers. “This is reflected in the report published by Malta Union for Teachers (MUT), which highlights that nearly 90% of teachers experienced some form of aggression at school in the past two years and others experienced violence at school on a daily basis.”

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