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Repubblika writes warning letter to Prime Minister Robert Abela


A letter
sent today by Repubblika to newly sworn in Prime Minister, Robert Abela, says
that the organisation cannot understand how he can refer to the legacy of
Joseph Muscat, “when Muscat abused the power given to him. He used it to
protect his cronies when they were caught receiving bribes, and used it to
protect his friends and officials when they manoeuvred in such a way as to
obstruct investigations in the assassination of the journalist Daphne Caruana
Galizia who, as you know, was dehumanised and demonised even after her death.
For two whole years, he resisted the opening of a public inquiry into her
assassination, despite Government’s obligations according to the European

The letter,
signed by Repubblika’s President, Vicki Ann Cremona, warns Abela that, “We
expect you to have the courage to clean up public administration from
corruption and abuse of power. We felt very disappointed when, on the very
first day of your taking up your new post, we saw officials suspected of
involvement in serious corruption in your office. We want to see you act in
consideration of the fact that in 2016, Konrad Mizzi and Keith Schembri were
caught out as having taken serious unethical initiatives, which were an indication,
later proved, of corruption and unlawfulness; we want to see you exclude from
your cabinet whoever is suspected of corruption or of unethical behaviour. We
expect to see an investigation launched into the way Electrogas was awarded a
contract that put the Maltese consumer at a serious disadvantage and included
terms that were totally unacceptable and unfavourable with regard to public
interest, and can only be explained through corruption.”

The letter to
the Prime Minister concludes with the assurance that Repubblika will continue
to insist and work to end the abuses that our country has suffered, and so that
the much-needed reforms in Malta start without any further delay, stating that
it is ready to help to see our country take the path of what is right.

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