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We are not scared of the protesters locking us in Parliament – Silvio Parnis


MP Silvio Parnis said that he and other Labour Members of Parliament are not afraid of protestors who blocked them inside Parliament.

“Just because they trapped us inside Parliament, they do not scare us. We are inside here trying to move this country forward, and they are outside trying to cause fights,” said Parnis during this morning’s parliamentary session..

He also mentioned that yesterday the Speaker of the House did not allow individuals inside the Stranger’s Gallery, especially after fake money was thrown into the Parliamentary Chamber. “Do people think we are going to allow people inside the Strangers Gallery to distract us whilst we are trying to do our job?”

He asked for the true reason there are protests. “Are they truly protesting for the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, or are they protesting to get power?” Parnis said that regardless of the eggs and urine that protestors throw at members of parliament, he said the government will continue working and that they will go up for elections.

“Let us continue working. Businessmen of Valletta are telling me that they cannot run their business. I wish to thank Prime Minister Joseph Muscat who has pushed our country forward, and that we have done so much more than any other government. We are all here, working and true to heart- they want to throw us into prison? And call us corrupt? I am sure that when we have a new Prime Minister, whoever it will be, will continue this legacy of this government.” He called out for the Opposition to be careful and pointed out that people are trying to take their place. “It is only fair that this country knows the truth of the Opposition. Courage to our people and our society. I would like to tell the people to enjoy Christmas and take care of each other. This protest is only a protest of power and not for justice.”

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