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Apple unveil the iPhone 11 Pro and the ‘always on’ Watch but no 5G phone


On Tuesday,
Apple unveiled its iPhone 11 range, featuring more cameras than ever before,
whilst also containing a processor that has been developed in order to run the
system faster, consuming less power in the meantime.

Apple stated
that the two Pro models that it unveiled will have a battery life that will
allow the phone to last between four to five hours more than the previous XS

very shockingly Apple did not release a 5G model, and some of the features that
were rumoured to be included in the iPhone 11 range were missing.

Apart from
the iPhone 11 range, Apple also revealed the new Series 5 Watch, containing an
“always on” display for the first time ever.

This new
watch adjusts how many times it refreshes its screen to as little as just one
frame per second, whilst also dimming its image in order to have a battery life
of 18 hours, just like the previous version.

Apart from
this, this will also contain a compass as well as having the option of having a
titanium case. It will also feature a new operating system that will alert
owners to when nearby noise rises to risky levels, as well as adding a
menstrual cycle-tracking system.

Apple will
also be keeping the Series 3 Watch on the market, which will be available for
£199 in the United Kingdom, meaning that it might be a new entry price for
consumers that have not tried out the Apple Watch as of yet.

According to
global research firm IDC, Apple currently makes up 49% of the global smartwatch

The new
iPhone 11 range will contain an “ultrawide” rear camera, which will allow the
user to have a 2x optical zoom-out. Apart from this, the Pro models will also
retain the telephoto lens, something that the basic iPhone 11 does not have.

Whilst Apple
have hyped up one particular feature, the new Night Mode, which automatically
brightens up the image in order to reduce the amount of digital noise that is
produced, competitors such as Google, Samsung and Huawei have already
introduced a similar feature to their smartphones.

The new
phones also lack another feature, they cannot wirelessly recharge other
devices, something that both Samsung and Huawei’s top-end smartphones have.

The new
models will go on sale in the next ten days, with the iPhone 11 shockingly
being marginally cheaper than the XR, ranging from £729 to £879 according to
the amount of storage needed. However, the Pro models will be more expensive
than the XS ones, with the price ranging from £1,049, all the way up to £1,499.

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