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G-7 summit set to be the first in history to end without an agreement


The Group of
Seven (G-7) summit is set to end without there being a joint agreement between
the world’s biggest economies for the first time in its 44-year history, with
the President of France, Emmanuel Macron stating that these global economies
are currently suffering from “a very deep crisis of democracy.”

This comes
as a clear indication of the increasing separation and disagreement between
seven of the world’s largest economies, with this possibly being the first time
since the meetings started being held back in 1975 that there will be no agreed
statement at the end.

Speaking to
the press during a news conference in Paris on Wednesday before the G-7 summit,
Macron stated that it will probably be “pointless” to try to end up with a
joint agreement.

One of
Macron’s main talking points was the fact that the President of the United
States, Donald Trump, is currently refusing to back out from a climate
agreement that is restricting global efforts to lower the levels of carbon

The G-7
summit will be held in the seaside town of Biarritz in southwest France, with
the meetings starting on Saturday right up until Monday. The meetings will
involve the leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United
Kingdom and the United States.

Over the
last few years, establishing an agreement has become extremely difficult, most
notably due to Mr Trump wanting to agree on trade pacts that would only benefit
the United States and another country, rather than benefitting every member of
The Group of Seven.

A notable
example is last year’s G-7 summit in Ottawa, Canada, where Mr Trump made an
early exit from the meeting and refused to sign the final agreement, whilst
also exchanging personal insults with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Last year’s summit was summed up by a photo that was taken, showing German
Chancellor Angela Merkel and the world leaders being gathered around her,
whilst Mr Trump was seated with his arms folded.

Demarais, a global forecasting director at the Economist Intelligence Unit,
told news agency CNBC that “It is impossible to predict what the U.S. will do –
we might be in for some surprises from Trump.”

France and
Macron will be aiming to avoid a disastrous repeat of last year’s summit, with
the French media labelling the summit in Ottawa as the “G-6+1 summit”,
illustrating Mr Trump’s willingness to not sign the final statement.

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