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Creators of the ‘Monopoly’ board game give up plastic packaging


Hasbro, the
company that has the rights to Monopoly, plans to stop using plastic bags,
elastic bands, and the plastic wrapping that it uses for board games by the end
of 2022.

Hasbro, which
is the largest toy maker in the world when it comes to stock market value,
announced that it will be making use of plastic-free packaging by the end of

This means
that the plastic bags, elastic bands, and also the shrink wrap that is normally
found around Monopoly, Scrabble and other board games will not be used at all
in the future.

However, Hasbro’s
toys, such as Mr Potato Head and Nerf guns will all still be made out of
plastic. Whilst the company plans to replace this plastic in the future and is
currently testing different materials to do so, it stated that it is very
difficult to find a material that is both safe for children and still capable
of retaining the same look of the plastic ones.

this, Hasbro currently has a programme that allows its customers to ship in GI
Joe figures or My Little Pony figurines in order to be properly recycled.

companies have already planned or else made the step to significantly reduce
plastic waster, as the dangers of climate change loom more and more.

Lego, one of
the world’s most famous toy makers, is currently trying to find a material
which could replace plastic as its main component for its famous bricks.

and McDonald’s are both phasing out plastic straws completely in order to make
full use of paper ones. Furthermore, McDonald’s also vowed to source all its
packaging from renewable or recycled sources by the end of 2025.

acquired the rights to Monopoly back in 1991, when the company purchased Parker
Bros., the company that had invented the board game. Since then, the famous
board game has continued to grow even more, becoming globally one of the
best-selling board games of all-time.

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