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Fingerprint security software ‘leaked a million fingerprints’


According to
researchers, more than a million fingerprints as well as other sensitive data
have been leaked online by a biometric security firm.

that are currently working with VPNMentor, a cyber-security firm, said that
they managed to access plenty of data from a security tool known as Biostar 2.

which is the firm that offers Biostar 2, has stated that they are working on
fixing the issue.

Biostar 2 is
used by thousands of companies worldwide, most notably the United Kingdom’s
Metropolitan Police, using this tool to control the access to specific parts of
secure facilities.

stated that “If there has been any definite threat on our products and/or
services, we will take immediate actions and make appropriate announcements to
protect our customers’ valuable businesses and assets.”

said that the exposed data which was discovered on 5 August, was privatised on
13 August, yet it is not clear for how long it was accessible before it was
actually discovered.

researchers also claim that apart from fingerprint records, they were also able
to find photographs of people, along with facial recognition data, names, addresses,
passwords and also employment histories.

added that it was aware of the breach and “is investigating the allegations in
the press reports and will liaise with any appropriate third parties and/or
individuals as necessary.”

The company
also said “At this stage, it cannot make any further comment but will, if
appropriate, issue a further press statement in due course, including
corrections of any erroneous assertions in the reports to date.”

In total, 23
gigabytes of data, which had almost 30 million records were discovered exposed
online, available for hackers to access them.

wrote in a blog about the discovery of the data that “This could be used in a
wide range of criminal activities that would be disastrous for both the
businesses and organisations affected, as well as their employees or clients.”

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