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Pesticides which can have an adverse effect on child development banned from the local market


authorities together with the Ministry of the Environment have issued a
directive which will ban Kloropirifos from the local market. This follows a
directive issued at the end of July by the European Union banning this globally
used pesticide. Following discussions with the relevant stakeholders including
farmers’ representatives, this product will be withdrawn immediately from the
local market.

During a press
conference held today, it was described how this substance kills insects and
worms, by damaging their nervous system and killing them immediately. However,
studies show that an active ingredient in a number of pesticide products can have
an adverse effect on the human brain and child development.

The products
to be withdrawn from the market are: Centurio, DURSBAN, Pisoni, RELDAN 22,

Secretary for agriculture, Clint Camilleri said it is a well-known fact that Maltese
and Gozitan farmers do their utmost to provide the best agricultural product to
the consumer. He emphasised that for the consumer to enjoy an excellent and
fresh product, this requires several weeks and months of work and sacrifice by
farmers and those involved in agriculture. Camilleri continued that as a Government,
such work needs to be safeguarded to ensure that this does not go to waste.

Therefore, along
with the farming communities the decision to withdraw this substance from the
market was taken after the government was informed of the EFSA statement. Although
the EU cannot fully prohibit the use of this substance, the decision to ban these
products ultimately lies with each member state. Camilleri continued that there
are already 8 countries which have banned this substance. It should be noted that
only around 8% of imported goods come from these countries.

Secretary Deo Debattista said that this substance may affect the human body and
therefore the MCCAA felt the need to stop local usage of this product prior to
it being banned by the EU. This was done to protect the health of those who use
this product and the end consumer. Debattista explained that although last year
some traces of this substance were found in some agricultural produce, no trace
of this product resulted from the Maltese market this year.

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