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Russian rocket deadly blast leads to radiation leak


military technology push has unfortunately produced deadly consequences. The
country’s Rosatom has confirmed that five people have died and three
injured after an explosion on August 8th while testing an isotopic power source
for a rocket’s liquid propulsion system. The same blast also increased radiation
levels by as much as twenty times higher in nearby Severodvinsk for about half
an hour.

also ordered shipping in the nearby Dvina Bay region of the White Sea, near
both the military facility where the explosion occurred and a nuclear submarine
production facility.

statement didn’t say exactly what hardware was involved, but the New York
Times pointed to clues that it might have been an experimental
weapon. President Putin has talked about work on a nuclear-powered cruise
missile, the Burevestnik or Petrel, that would have effectively unlimited
range. If that was the source of the explosion, it may have just faced a significant

wouldn’t be the first time in recent memory that Russia’s weapons
experimentation has run into trouble. It boasted of developing a hypersonic
weapon that would be ready by 2019, but a lack of resources and high costs has
apparently delayed the project. The country is determined to gain
superiority over rivals like the US and Europe, and a tragedy like this won’t
necessarily be a deterrent.

Source: nytimes.com

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