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BOV: Fingerprint technology and Digital Securekey Launched


Would you ever have thought that your
fingertips will do you banking for you? Now they do! 

Logging onto BOV’s Mobile Banking no
longer requires inputting your user number and your PIN, a tap of your
fingertip and you are in. Authorising transactions effected through BOV Mobile
Banking are also a fingerprint away. 

Bank of Valletta is also doing away
with the BOV Securekey for Internet Banking through ‘BOV Signatures’ – a
digital replacement for the BOV Securekey through BOV Mobile. The one time
passwords for logging in and authorising transactions generated by the BOV
Securekey can now be generated through the latest addition to the BOV Mobile
services, also through the use of your fingerprint. Moreover, users operating
their BOV Internet Banking services through the Digital Securekey on BOV Mobile
will get the service for free. 

Speaking about the new services,
Franco Xuereb, Executive, Electronic Banking Unit at Bank of Valletta said ‘We
are working to bring your entire digital banking ecosystem into your smartphone
while making it easier and faster to log on and effect your transactions. The
Bank will continue to develop the Bank’s digital platforms so that you can plan
your banking transactions to fit your lifestyle giving you the flexibility to
conduct banking activities anytime you want to.’

The BOV Mobile Banking app is simple
and convenient and customers can:

  • Check their balances
  • View transactions
  • Pay bills and BOV Mobile Pay users
  • Transfer money between own accounts
  • Top up anyone’s mobile phone

The BOV Mobile App can be downloaded
for free from Google Play and the App Store.  Click here for
full details 

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