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New specialisation training for government employed pharmacists


All pharmacists employed with the Department of Health will be provided with new opportunities to specialise and advance in their profession. These new opportunities for pharmacists are a result of an agreement signed yesterday between UHM Voice of the Workers Union and the Ministry for Health.

Currently, there are 150 employed as government pharmacists and the recent sectorial agreement was signed seven years ago back in 2012.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Fearne said that this is the first time such specialisation training is being given to pharmacists to specialise in their profession. “Such an agreement will lead to greater efficiency by means of which we continue to see how we can improve services to our patients,” said Fearne.

The agreement also provides for those pharmacists who already training and specialised in their work, to be able to continue to upgrade their profession. He said that he hopes such an agreement will provide recognition of pharmacists and to attract more people to such a profession.

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