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Inventors of ‘conspiracy theories’ responsible for division in PN, party says


The vote to be taken in the Nationalist Party general council in the coming days is being administered according to rules established by the party statute, the PN said in a statement.

More than this, the commission tasked with the running of the election is made up of members who support both factions of the party – those wanting to oust leader Adrian Delia and those who support him.

Therefore any attempt to discredit the electoral process which is being carried out according to the rule of law is an attack on the democratic and transparent process, the party said.

It was referring to a statement issued by the group wanting Delia to be removed from the leadership, which claimed “damaging and dividing manoeuvres” in the run-up to the vote.

The PN said that the creation of conspiracy theories and unfounded allegations serve to undermine the democratic process and lead to tension. Whoever is behind this must shoulder responsibility, the PN said.

The verification process of the list of councillors eligible to vote was carried out scrupulously by the electoral commission headed by Francis Zammit Dimech, the party said, including the representatives of the faction that is calling for Delia’s ouster. The list of eligible voters was concluded yesterday and the commission is giving time for any complaints to be investigated.

After an allegation that hundreds of councillors were changed in the last month was denied, the anti-Delia group came up with another allegation – that there were irregularities just because changes to the composition of the councillors were made in the last two years. This is not the case, the PN said.

Changes were made only because elections were carried out as required by the party statute and also as a result of the local council elections. All changes made to the members of the general council were as a result of statute requirements and according to the rule of law, the PN said.

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