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Transport Malta reviewing policies on electric scooters


Transport Malta is currently reviewing its policies and draft regulations about the use of electic scooters, a spokesperson for the authority said yesterday.

Electric scooters have become increasingly popular, particularly with foreigners who choose not to invest in a car when they come to Malta as they offer a substitute for travelling short distances.

Motorised scooters are not to be confused with go-peds, which tend to be larger with either a small combustion engine or electric motor, and have a higher maximum speed depending on the model.

With models varying in size and weight, and the reality that the mode of transport is both manual and motorized, questions had been raised on social media as to the legality of their use.

The spokesperson clarified that the use of these scooters in public spaces is illegal, and, hence, Transport Malta Enforcement Officers are issuing fines with regards to such use – the subsidiary legislation regulating electric scooters is ’65.26 – Low-powered vehicles and pedal cycles regulations’.

A briefing paper for the insurance industry said that there is no evidence that enforcement of the relevant is taking place.

Also, the foot scooters are required to be registered with the relevant authority since they are motorized.

Times of Malta recently reported that the Malta Insurance Association gave two options in this regard – either have the law enforced as it is, or change it to allow go-peds and foot scooters to be used on the road.

If that was to be the case, then they would have to be issued with registration plates which would identify the owner and vehicle and ensure there is valid insurance cover renewed annually.

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