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Ta’ Qali Artisan Village Foundation working on marketing plan


The Ta’ Qali Artisan Village Foundation is working on a rebranding exercise and a marketing plan for the village, the Economy Ministry told The Malta Independent.

In March this year, Economy Minister, Chris Cardona highlighted the end of the first phase of the crafts village, with a €13 million investment. He had said that the project’s second phase will be completed by the operators, with their investment in the building of factories and shops. The whole project, Cardona had said, will be complete next year. He had said that the site had undergone a total regeneration and a lot of work was undertaken for the project to finally become a reality.

Works included creating a modern infrastructure and facilities as well as services and landscaping. All the infrastructural works were carried out by Malta Industrial Parks

Recently, GRTU – Malta Chamber of SMEs CEO Abigail Mamo told the Malta Independent.

That the over 20 Ta’ Qali crafts village establishments that remained open during the peak of works over the past 14 months suffered greatly during this period.

She highlighted that while the works were indeed needed and welcome, the establishments suffered enough and that both the union and the government need to start pushing to attract more tourists to the area.

The economy ministry was asked for their thoughts on the situation?

“The €13 million investment for the regeneration of the Crafts Village, demonstrates this Government’s commitment to our artisans, as well as to the tenants based in the area, who had previously been toyed around with for 25 years. The regeneration of the Crafts Village was a false-promise made by successive PN governments since 1992, and one they had virtually given up on.”

The Ministry has a vision for Ta’ Qali as a new centre of excellence for artisanship, the ministry said. “The delivering of that vision has been a priority for this Government, not only as it has been a long-time coming, but as we believe it will be breathing new life into the local artisan sector.”

This newsroom asked the Economy Ministry whether the government will start working from now to attract tourists to the area.

“Our vision for the Crafts Village extends beyond just improving the infrastructure and maintaining the long-running status quo of it being a mere stop for a busload of tourists. The regeneration will transform the Village into a unique destination in Malta, set to attract not only tourists, but people of all ages, from students to families as well.

“To implement this vision, the Ta’ Qali Artisan Village Foundation was set up earlier this year. It will be responsible for the maintaining and upkeep of the village, as well as for the creation of a calendar of events and a series of workshops throughout the year, so to truly encourage the collaboration and sharing of knowledge and create a real community environment. Currently the Foundation is working on a rebranding exercise and a marketing plan for the village which will bear fruit in the coming months.”

Asked when the project will conclude, the ministry explained that the project has entered its second phase, which involves the building of the privately-owned establishments by the tenants and operators themselves, as they are legally committed to do since they entered into empytheutical deeds back in 2013 and 2015.  “The cooperation of the tenants has been and will continue to be crucial for our shared vision to become reality. Through Malta Enterprise, we have supported the tenants with assistance in the form of grants and guidance for the compiling of a sound business plan, ensuring a return on their investment. The project is set to be finalised by next year.”

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