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Should PA wait for PM to rule by decree before taking action,PD asks


Partit Demokratiku said it will be officially participating in today’s Public Protest against the soulless reign of the Construction Industry.

The recent construction disasters are an acute symptom of a chronic condition. It is also linked to a lack of, or selective, enforcements, PD said.

The fault lies with government. Lack of good governance and authorities that are under continuous political influence are driving Malta into a degenerative economy as the latter is supported by construction, population increase, consumerism, and selling off anything and everything.

“Malta does not have a legal regulatory framework whereby flawed and misleading Environment and Social Impact Assessments submitted by developers are acted upon, and nor does it have a Lobbyist Register which would eliminate the threat of using pecuniary interests to further one’s agenda,” stated interim leader Godfrey Farrugia.

It is indeed pathetic that the PA did not suspend the permits it had issued in the first place but waited for the Prime Minister to rule by decree. This is not how democracy and good governance should be exercised.


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