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Prime Minister takes aim at PN’s ‘negativity’


Prime Minister Joseph Muscat took aim at the Nationalist Party during his evening speech today, saying that until the very last day they want to continue “being complicit with some people who take every opportunity to repeat half-truths and untruths about our country.”

Earlier today the Council of Europe issued a damning report against the Maltese government. It is unclear whether Muscat was referring to this situation or not in his speech.

“We respect Maltese and foreign institutions but we recognize political games played by a few.  The opposition doesn’t realise.  If they didn’t realise in 2013, nor in 2017 and they keep rejoicing every time someone tries to speak against Malta, then there is just one choice left, to vote all PL candidates in the coming election,” Muscat said.

“Maybe they will listen and understand the third time round. The people don’t want negativity, they want to know where we can go together. This is why quality of life is the number one priority of the Maltese.”

Muscat also called the PN negative.

He also mentioned energy bills,  and said that “today the European commission released statistics regarding the highest energy bills in Europe. We inherited the highest bills seven years ago. Today the Commission’s statistics show, black on white, that the Maltese are paying the fourth lowest bills in all of Europe.”

He said that the road to reducing energy bills was like a hurdle race, referring to the Opposition’s actions at the time.

“One obstacle after another that, if even one succeeded, the people would still be paying high energy bills.”

He said that the low energy bills were brought about with no help from the opposition.



Original article found on The Malta Independent


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