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Our vote is our weapon – Adrian Delia


The only weapon we have left to save our country is our vote, Nationalist Party Leader Adrian Delia said whilst encouraging people to go out and vote.

Delia maintained that this government does not care for the Gozitans, sharing a story from when the budget was published and PN MP Chris Said told him that there was not much to work with, with regards to proposals for Gozo.

Moving on to the Gozo tunnel, Delia pointed out that in the amendments they proposed for the motion tabled in parliament, they insisted that until the discussions, studies and consultation done on a permanent link – nothing should be done.

He critisized the government’s acquiring of the 32-year-old ship that is to be added to the Gozo Channel fleet.

Bringing up the recently published Council of Europe report, he quoted various excerpts such as the lack of checks and balances on the Office of the Prime Minister, and the sale of passports.

“From a democratic, free, proud country in Europe, we became the vulnerable link.”

“Joseph muscat wants this election to be about him – this report is a description of his actions.”

“Saturday is not only an election for local councils and the EU, but an election for the future of our children.”

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