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‘Role with Health Ministry was not political’ – MUMN president


Over a month ago the Malta Union For Midwives and Nurses (MUMN) announced Paul Pace as their new president, following his resignation four years prior. During this period, Pace held a controversial role as advisor to the Health Ministry but he told The Malta Independent that it was not political.

Pace explained why he had made the move to the Health Ministry, and came back again as president of the MUMN considering the conflicting role.

“In the 2015 MUMN elections, I resigned because certain things did not work out. I was not satisfied with how the elections were run.”

He knew he got fewer votes from certain people so he decided to call it a day and resign. “I left heavy hearted but had my head held high.”

Explaining his move to the Health Ministry, Pace said that then he had just started working on the project to bring the Northumbria University nursing course to Malta. “I was called by the Minister telling me that I have this project and that he wanted me to keep working on it.”

Pace insisted that this was his main project and that the job was in no way political. “It could have been any Minister. I hardly bother voting and do not fraternise with either of the two parties.”

He also worked on a nurses progression document but his main job was related to the Northumbria University, he said. This was a part-time job for Pace, as he still continued his work as an infection control nurse, a job he still has today.

The MUMN elections loomed closer and Pace decided to contest them again. He resigned from his post with the ministry the same day he got elected. “Doing this is in my blood. I even lost money from the part-time job. Life became quieter but boring.”

Original article found on The Malta Independent


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