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A Socialist government that doesn’t care


During a political activity in Gżira
themed Together, for our country, the
Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia said that: “this Socialist Government is
not bothering about Maltese and Gozitan families and has no decency because it’s
only focused on retaining its power.”

Adrian Delia also said that this Socialist
Government does not even care about what is just and seriously fighting
corruption. This even though the Greco report condemned this Socialist Government
which is threatening democracy, taking over institutions and ruining the
country’s reputation. The Greco report clearly concludes that whilst institutions
do exist, following a number of allegations regarding the integrity of senior
government officials, the effectivity of these institutions is questionable.
The experts quoted in the Greco report said that the Opposition is correct to
say that whilst there are the necessary laws, they are not being enforced. Delia
also said that despite all of this, the Prime Minister is shocked that foreign
institutions do not believe the Government, and Minister Helena Dalli tried to
shift the blame of the outcome of the report on the Opposition.

Adrian Delia said that the PN will continue
to fight corruption with a strong voice. This is why he tabled a motion in
Parliament to immediately set up a Parliamentary committee to scruitize the
Greco Report and the recommendations of the Venice Commission and then
recommend how these reports should be implemented. The Greco report confirms
what the PN has said: condemning this Socialist Government that took over the
institutions which are supposed to safeguard the country’s laws.

The Leader of the Opposition Adrian Delia, said that
whilst this Socialist Government does not care, the Prime Minister will leave
and Minister Konrad Mizzi will not shoulder responsibility. Minister Mizzi
remains the only Minister from an EU country mentioned in the Panama Papers, and
yet, would like to become Malta’s next Prime Minister. In the meantime, the
people of Malta and Gozo continue to pay the €725 million price tag for
corruption. Delia said that, if corruption were not so widespread, the elderly
will struggle less to make ends meet at the end of the month, less people will
be waiting for social housing, and our youths would not be struggling with
precarious employment.

Adrian Delia said that in May, the public has an opportunity to warn this Socialist Government that it needs to change its path, not to continue ruining the country and that Malta needs to get back to get back on track and protect its democracy.

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