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Malta in dire need of rehabilitation from the ‘Industry of Death’ – PD


“We need to build a better future for Malta and we need to start right now. We need to talk less and plan more. We need to be more honest and less greedy,” stated Partit Demokratiku leader Godfrey Farrugia in his Sunday address from Balzan.  

“We have a broken system to rehabilitate and heal. Malta is oppressed and compromised. Our economy of volume is building a business of death: to our homeland, to our natural habitat, to our urban environment, to our values, to our own person,” he added.  

The gradual erosion of our institutions has resulted in no effective regulation, and rampant, unplanned development is the result. Malta is truly becoming one huge concrete jungle – and it need not be so, he said. 

“We have been reiterating this message over and over since our inception. With each passing day, the indifference of the authorities towards the irreversible damage caused to our homeland becomes more palpable,” stated Secretary General and MEP candidate Martin Cauchi Inglott.  

“The tragedy is that, like the frog placed in a cold pot over a simmering fire, we are running the danger of realising the damage being done to ourselves and our land when it’s completely irreparable,” stated MEP candidate Camilla Appelgren. 

“The time to give our country the chance of a reprieve is now. Continuing along this path, rushing headlong into a situation with many tasteless concrete buildings sprouting up literally everywhere allowing little sunshine to reach the streets, and uprooting every mature tree, is a certain recipe for the demise of the quality of life of the majority by the rampant greed of the few,” stated MEP candidate Anthony Buttigieg. 

Partit Demokratiku noted that government has turned death into a veritable business by privatising even the cemeteries. Let us take a leap forward into our vision of love, health, sustainability through respect for life on earth, the party concluded in a statement.

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