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The Prime Minister’s anointed one


A few weeks ago,
I covered the candidature of David Stellini for the upcoming European
Parliament Elections. A Gozitan who has made a name for himself in the local
political scene with a unique style and with a fresh way of making politics,
resorting to dialogue rather than confrontation, making him much more credible
and putting into practice the new way that his leader promoted so much.

Today I will
visit Gozo again, this time on the other side of the political spectrum. I have
been following Josianne Cutajar from a distance for quite some time. Away from
the controversy that surrounds certain government ministers, away from the
flamboyance of certain persons of trust, away from the bickering and the cheap
propaganda of certain Brussels hopefuls, Josianne is rapidly making inroads and
climbing the popularity ladder, so much so that she is constantly featuring in
the top six electable candidates.

At a relatively
young age, Josianne had the courage to take the plunge and swim with the
sharks. Do not, however, mistake her tender age with naivety. Ms. Cutajar
calculates every step she makes, every hand she shakes and every word she
utters. So far she is playing her cards well, always careful not to overstep
her mark, yet wilful and strong and with the ability to get her message

She is a
natural. Effortlessly she manages to epitomise all that Labour stands for, all
that staunch Labourites identify themselves with and she manages to do this
without appearing archaic and still appeal to the younger generation.

Undoubtedly she
has very good mentors, her job in Castille gives her easy access to certain
individuals that matter, that know a thing or two about campaigning and most
importantly that believe in her. A lawyer by profession she has based her
campaign on issues that matter concentrating mostly but not exclusively on
social issues and how to improve the quality of life. As her war cry states –
The Girl with the Smile will go the extra mile – and indeed she does, I have
watched her interact with people, and she makes it a point that she speaks to
everyone, irrespective of their political beliefs in fact I was positively
surprised at how comfortable she felt in a crowd of predominantly Nationalist

contributions on the local media cover an array of subjects, commenting on
current affairs, explaining legal positions and setting her agenda, thus giving
us a preview of what kind of MEP she would be if she were elected. Her website
clearly states that she was singled out by Premier Joseph Muscat to contest the
European Parliament elections. It is clear that the OPM will not be taking
risks this time around and the bets will be placed on someone who is reliable,
loyal and productive. Josianne Cutajar ticks all the three boxes. Ten years
ago, her age would have been a huge disadvantage, but as the average age of
politicians keeps getting lower, this is no longer an issue, on the contrary
she can use it to her advantage.

Having lost the
race to become mayor of Nadur by a mere seven votes, Dr. Cutajar will leave no
stone unturned this time around. She has been endorsed by heavyweights and her
campaigning is relentless. Her campaign was off and running even before she was
officially announced as a candidate. For the first time the PL have a strong Gozitan
candidate for the European Parliament Elections, a strong candidate who also
happens to be a woman, and a lawyer.

Having said all
this, nothing is to be taken for granted. Cutajar may have all it takes to be
elected, the may be the Prime Minister’s favourite, and she may really be the
best person for the job. This however does not mean that she will not have to
fight for her seat. We have arrived at a crucial stage of the electoral
campaign and these couple of months are crucial. Whereas the vast majority know
which party they are voting for, many are still undecided on the preferred
candidate. The most persistent campaigners will win these votes and ultimately
make a difference. Much depends on how many seats the PL will win and where
Miriam Dalli’s second preference votes will go. With the finishing line in
view, Dr. Cutajar is very much in contention. She has eight weeks to secure a
top six place, I am sure she will give it her best shot and ultimately succeed.

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