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The big ‘30’


Politics, global warming, wars, scandals, crime, pro
and anti-anything protests… the doom and gloom that surrounds us is more than
enough to send those of us of a delicate disposition into a perpetual depression.
So, just for this week, let’s do away with all the desolation, because sometimes
looking at certain aspects of life in a light-hearted, funny way could work
wonders for our mental wellbeing and restore that absent spring in our
step.  At times, to slow down and observe
the intricacies of human behaviour from a humorous angle is what’s needed to
restore the balance…

As a writer, I get to scrutinise the human condition
on a regular basis and the only mystery I can confirm I have unravelled thus
far, is that men are truly from Mars and women from Venus. The interactions I
have, both on a personal level and through my work have reaffirmed what I’ve
suspected all along; women wouldn’t think, act and react so very differently to
their male counterparts if they weren’t truly from another planet. What is also
certain, is that boys take their time (quite a lot of time, actually) to reach
maturity when compared to females of the same age and though I have no
scientific evidence to support this, it is something that mothers who have both
boys and girls can easily identify with.

Through many conversations with both men and women of
various ages, there seems to be a consensus that 30 is the age when guys reach
maturity, an age when boys can no longer blame their various misdemeanours on
erratic hormones. 30 is the time when getting away with murder in longer an
option and to this end I asked a number of male colleagues, friends and
relatives for their take – and they believe that the following at least, is
what every bloke should know at 30…

  • The parents were right – most of
    the time
  • Discretion is the better part of
  • Get your dream car before you’re
    married, otherwise it’ll remain just another car in your dreams
  •  How to fire up a barbecue and cook a decent
  • The recovery period from a hangover
    will get longer and longer, the older you get
  • “Do I look fat in this?” is a
    question best left unanswered
  • Before dating a friend’s ex you
    require his permission
  • Your best friend’s sister is no-go
    territory – unless you plan to marry her (think Scarface!)
  • Always remembering birthdays,
    anniversaries and Valentine’s Day is hugely beneficial to your wellbeing
  • Women don’t appreciate the delicate
    intricacies of a Playstation game
  • Explaining the complexities of
    football to a woman is an exercise in futility
  • There is no such thing as a free
  • It’s about time you clean up your
  • If something sounds too good to be
    true, it probably is
  • Being nice will take you places –

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