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Confirmed: Malta is colder than the Scottish Highlands


Malta is set to be colder than the Scottish Highlands for the next few days, forecasters have warned.

The central Mediterranean is in the grip of a cold spell with temperatures expected to fall as low as 5°C in Malta on Wednesday night – compared to overnight lows of 10°C in the far north of Scotland.

Weather experts said Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be a cosy one in Malta this year.

The Met Office predicted temperatures to struggle above 13°C in Luqa on Thursday, compared to 16°C in Moray near Inverness.

Meanwhile, Andrea Muscat from Maltese Islands Weather said: ‘Daytime highs in Malta will struggle to reach 13°C.

‘Nighttime lows will dip to 5°C  but real-feels will be far lower with temperatures on the coldest nights feeling as cold as 0°C.

‘These cold temperatures are expected to prevail for around a week. The next significant rainfall is expected to affect us on Saturday and Sunday.’

A flow of sub-tropical air from the Azores is set to make much of Britain warmer than the Mediterranean, with temperatures in Scotland, Wales and parts of northern England more than double the seasonal average.

Luke Miall from the UK Met Office told 89.7 Bay: ‘The really mild conditions are due to an area of high pressure dominating to the south-east of England.

‘It is drawing up a flow of south-westerly air from a sub-tropical direction, from the Azores. Some areas will see temperatures well above average.

‘North Wales could see some exceptionally high afternoon temperatures while 16°C is possible in the north of Scotland.’

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