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Group of students terrorising the streets of Sliema


Sliema major, Anthony Chircop, has confirmed that a group of secondary school students are creating havoc in the streets of Sliema.

In a Facebook post, an individual claimed that the students, a gang of foreigners, upon alighting from their school transport were encircling random individuals and beating them up.

The post noted that this was a regular occurrence, happening even after dark. It claimed that several reports were made to the police, which has since been confirmed by Chircop.

A warning was also included in the post, further saying that it happened to a member of the individual’s family.

Several reacted to the post, saying that they too had seen this gang causing trouble in the area of Qui-Si-Sana.

Chircop, following a meeting with the police today, said that the police are acting on the reports and that they are monitoring the area. He also confirmed the police knew who the students are.

The post has since been removed from Facebook.

Original article found on The Malta Independent


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