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Marlene Mizzi promotes female entrepreneurship at EU level


Labour MEP Marlene Mizzi hosted a high-level  conference  in the European Parliament in Brussels, on the opportunities and challenges of female entrepreneurship and its impact on the job market. “The high level of interest and attendance at the meeting clearly shows the importance and relevance of this long overdue debate,” said MEP Mizzi.

The participants included the Romanian Minister of Labour and Social Justice, Marius-Constantin Budai, MEPs, representative of the European Commission and business organisations. At the conference stakeholders sparked a lively discussion on the challenges and barriers surrounding female entrepreneurs, looking at practical solutions on how to promote inclusive female entrepreneurship and provide better entrepreneurial environment for women.

During the event MEP Marlene Mizzi stressed that embarking on an entrepreneurial activity is one way to empower women to control and determine their future work and life style. “Regretfully, women entrepreneurs are not as numerous as they should be.” MEP Mizzi added that practical solutions are needed to help female entrepreneurs and their business growing in those early stages, when it is most vulnerable. MEP Mizzi is herself an active Ambassador for EU Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs.

In conclusion, Marlene Mizzi pointed out that Europe needs more women with entrepreneurial spirit, with creative ideas, who are ready to set up their own enterprises, to invest in their own futures, as drivers for job creation and economic growth. Therefore, in the coming months, the importance that policy-makers give to this issue to develop entrepreneurial capabilities for women is crucial.

“We need to facilitate access to finance, training, skills and risk management. We need more tailored-based coaching and mentoring, providing individual support to women. We need to increase the growth and survival prospects of female businesses and develop strategic planning that will help their businesses flourish. We need to assess the reasons as to why women entrepreneurs are not so present in the labour market. The contribution to the economy of women entrepreneurs must not be underestimated,” said MEP Mizzi.   

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