Research is currently being carried out by Perit Audrey
Testaferrata de Noto focussing on infrastructural design aspects related to the
deployment of Automated Vehicles on the road network.  The
research is intended to establish the Perception-Reaction time of drivers in a
Level 3 Automated Vehicle which would determine the standard specifications for
sight-stopping distances when there will be a mix of Levels 1, 2 and 3 Vehicle
Automation on the public roads.
  Such sight-stopping distances
are a key element for road design.

Ms Audrey Testaferrata de
Noto graduated as Architect and Civil Engineer from the University of Malta in
1997 and obtained a Master Degrees and Traffic and Transportation Systems from
the Nottingham Trent University in 2005. 
She started the MPhil in October 2016 and is currently in her final year
reading for her PhD at the Faculty for the Built Environment at the University of

Testaferrata has been working in the field of transportation for the past
twenty years.  She worked as a Road
Construction Engineer for the first four years of her career and progressed to
working in Road Safety and Traffic Management for the next fourteen years.  For the past two years she has been working
in Road Design of Major Projects, Congestion Management, Traffic Modeling and
Road Safety Assessments.  She also holds
the necessary certification for Cycle Design, is a qualified Road Safety
Auditor and In-Depth Accident Investigator.

The research being carried out requires the collection of primary
data through a web-based survey to support the interactive component of such
survey.  The readers of this article are kindly requested to participate
in this survey to support the research being carried out.  It is kindly appreciated if the survey is
completed by 15 February 2019.

The first part of the survey collects information regarding the
characteristics of the participant as follows:

  • Age of participant
  • If participant has a valid driving licence.  If not, the
    survey will be halted.
  • Gender
  • Country of Origin
  • Years of driving experience
  • If participant has a disability and to select type of disability
    form a drop-down menu.

The second part of the survey is a driving
simulation with two different types of alert systems whilst the driver performs
two different secondary tasks in the simulation.

The link to the survey is as follows: 


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