who like me log in on social media on a daily basis, are surely aware and very
much caught up in the latest trend, which rapidly went viral – the ten year
challenge. Comparing what we are today to what we were and what we looked like
ten years ago.

like the bucket challenge amongst others, has caught the interest of all across
the globe, everyone has been posting, commenting, having a laugh and
reminiscing. Life has been kind on some, less lenient on others. On my part (I
haven’t decided what picture to post yet) I have had gains and losses.
Particularly I gained weight and lost hair, but apart from all things cosmetic,
I think this exercise should make us stop and think, have a good look around us
and see if and how these last ten years have changed us, and if in the
affirmative, if the change was for the better.

are some things that just happen, and we have no control about them. Friends
and family that pass away, leaving memories and heartache, births, bringing
joy, children growing up, places we have known since young closing down and
making way for new bigger, maybe impersonal buildings. It happens everywhere,
to everyone and whilst dwelling in nostalgia may keep us stuck and reminiscing
instead of moving forward it does a person no harm to dwell about the good old
days once in a while. Sometimes this just cannot be helped, driving in your
car, stuck in traffic and a song from your younger days goes on air, memories
come back fast. Meeting an old friend from school, you will undoubtedly mention
one or two of your teachers. It can actually be beneficial, helping one to find
the meaning of life and to a certain extent combat loneliness. Having said
this, it all depends on what memories one conjures. Reminiscing has its dangers
especially when waxing poetic instead on taking a grip on one’s life and just
deciding to move forward, be open to new innovative opportunities, maybe a new
job, a relationship, a hobby. When we fail to recognize the good that we have
today, then it becomes really dangerous. Thus it is very important to value our
present state, notwithstanding the difficulties we might be facing.

enrich our lives, but life is not about one occasion, not about one victory,
not about one disappointment, or one loss. It is a journey and not a
destination we often hear say and that is very true.

may be hard for many who at the moment are going through a difficult patch, but
in one way or another everyone has to go down that road at least once whilst on
this earth. The important thing is being able to brush ourselves and move on.
Have the courage to seek pastures new when it is time to move on because no one
will appear bearing a placard indicating that time is up in a particular job or
in a relationship that is clearly not working.

yes, I think the ten year challenge is a very important exercise. In the fast
world we live today we very often find no time to take a good look at ourselves
and see what really is best for us. For every action there is an equal and
opposite reaction and we have to have the courage and the guts to be ready for
the recoil of the shots that we take. But in order to move on we have to pull
that virtual trigger nevertheless.

years from today, I would probably have gained more weight and lost more hair,
but I hope that I would also gained more experience, more true and loyal
friendships and let loose those who put me down, the bad habits, and negativity
in general. I hope that this article will not be totally forgotten ten years
from now and that I will have the opportunity to read it and compare my life
today and then.  I hope that in a way or
another all of you reading this will have the chance to do the same.

John Lennon’s words echo in my mind as I write
this – life is what happens while we are busy making other plans, so maybe we
ought to plan less and live more.

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