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Student media organisations team up to create space for debate at University


Three student media organisations, The Yuppie, The Third Eye and Insite Malta, have teamed up to launch ‘Speak’, a platform for debate at the University of Malta.

With this new platform, the three organisations are looking to open the floodgates on the thoughts of youths, who have long been taught to avoid controversial subjects, and allow them to express new ideas and fresh perspectives on established ideas. 

The launching of Speak, the organisations said, is a response to the adversity generated by today’s political climate, wherein populist movements have chosen speech peppered with fear intended to sow hate. This is a political climate and culture, they said, that is keep youths away from holding opinions and from being comfortable with debating them.

The goal of Speak, the organisations said, is to instil a love for learning and then to sow the confidence necessary to hold and impart ideas.  They said that both as students and citizens, they believe that youths have an important role in the national debate and that as a result there should be such a space at the University of Malta for society to contribute to the benefit of Malta and all its citizens.

A serious shortfall in the national debate on fundamental freedoms of humankind and on civil liberties has come as a result of a society of two polar extremes, where everything must necessarily be classified into the colour of political parties, they said. 

To combat this, the three organisations wish to create a space for experts and journalists, and said that the collaboration will remain totally unaffiliated with any partisan politics whatsoever.

Their agenda centres on the strengthening and the monitoring of the most fundamental of human rights, whilst also providing for a more purposeful civic participation that will work towards a stronger and more open democracy in Malta. 

The initiative’s first event will be launched in the coming days, and these events will be in varying formats, including debates, sit-down discussions and panels.

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