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Sicilian man charged with importing cannabis found hidden in car


A Sicilian man was charged this morning in connection with yesterday’s seizure of 10kg of cannabis found hidden in a car arriving on the catamaran from Sicily.

Gaetano Campailla, 52, from Syracuse, was charged with importing cannabis and aggravated possession of cannabis.

The Customs Department said that during routine checks by its canine unit, a sniffer dog had flagged the man’s vehicle, persisting even after an initial search by officials yielded nothing. At that point, the car was taken to the police garage where the drugs were found in hidden compartments in the car’s doors. The search yielded 10kg of cannabis with an estimated street value of approximately €20,000.

Prosecuting Police Inspector Mark Mercieca charged the man with trafficking the drug. He explained that a Ford Kuga had been flagged as possible drug smuggling. A fibre optic camera showed the packets of cannabis grass, which were then removed after the door panels were dismantled.

The accused, who was assisted by an interpreter in the dock, pleaded not guilty. He had no address or ties to Malta, he said. Bail was not requested.

Lawyer Alfred Abela and Arthur Azzopardi were defence counsel.


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