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What’s Next for Gaia Cauchi and her X-Factor Journey?


After weeks of waiting, we finally got to see Gaia perform on the X-Factor audition stage! Her performance was as great as we envisioned it to be. Gaia sang a wonderful rendition of Paloma Faith’s “Only Love can Hurt like This.” She got fantastic comments from the judges, with Simon hoping she performs well because she’s “got a real presence about her.” Daniel and Ylenia called her up this morning during Bay Breakfast to get some comments in, and we’re quite pleased with what she had to tell us.

First things first … the most important thing of all. Did Gaia make it through to the six chair challenge? We may not have seen it officially happen on TV, but Gaia confirmed this morning that we “should keep watching because it’s not the last you’ve seen of me on the show.”

As for the comments on her performance, we all let out a little boo when Robbie commented that she’s incredibly charismatic and has the x-factor, but her age is a bit of a concern and she should have a go at being in a group. However, let’s think about that a little further. Think of the biggest successes from the X-factor; you’ll probably think of One Direction, Little Mix and Fifth Harmony … all groups that X-actor itself created. So which option do you think Gaia will be better off with?

Speculation on whether Gaia will be joining a group or not has been going on ever since Daniel and Ylenia interviewed her on Bay a few weeks ago. Now, Gaia has been tagged in some photos on Instagram with 4 other girls with the tagline to support a group called Sweet Sense through their X-factor journey. We haven’t seen any mention of this group officially on any X-factor episode yet … but something tells us that we better tune in next weekend.

As for the other Judges’ comments, Gaia got 4 yesses, with Aida telling her that she’s an absolutely incredible singer and Simon kicking off the first yes. Gaia shared with us that Simon was filled with more praise than Saturday’s episode let on. Her audition was cut a bit short through the editing process as the show left out Simon comparing her to Camilla Cabello, the singer of “Havana” and “Never be the Same”. She shared with us that she was a bit angry about the fact that they cut this part out as it was the comment she was most happy about.

Last but not least, has Gaia gotten to know anyone throughout her journey there yet? Apart from making friends with Kezia Povey, who asked her followers to watch Gaia’s performance on Saturday, it also looks like Gaia also has a bit of a love interest there. A certain Jon Guelas who has already met her parents. Good pick Gaia, that boy’s a stunner!

Daniel and Ylenia are going to get weekly updates about Gaia every week, as we see her on tv. Tune in to Bay Breakfast on Monday morning to learn more about Gaia’s X-factor journey.

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