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Attorney General remains adamant in not publishing full inquiry


The Attorney General has not changed his mind about publishing the full inquiry report, despite calls from various sectors of society, the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister.

In a statement published by the Department of Information, the Attorney General said that he was responding to a request by Adrian Delia, for him to have access to the whole Egrant inquiry.

The AG informed Delia that he does not feel that he should change his view on the publication and access to this inquiry report at this stage, citing the same reason he had given on 22 July. The Attorney General had said, when the conclusions were published on 22 July, that the publication was being limited to the principal conclusions and closing comments to protect the privacy of third parties, and to safeguard ongoing related investigations.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has the whole report, having been the person who called for the inquiry after revelations made by journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, and his political counterpart Adrian Delia has written to the Attorney General to be given a copy, has argued that the Nationalist Party is at a disadvantage.

PN MP Jason Azzopardi has said that the PM had no right to be given a copy of the Inquiry process verbal (all the evidence gathered & conclusions).He said it was the police who asked for the inquiry, not the PM. “Traditionally, the AG gives copies of process verbaux to the ‘victim’ (acc to his judgement), never to the suspected persons,” Azzopardi added.

The Attorney General rounded off today’s statement by saying that the conclusions were published due to the element of public interest and the impact on the country. He argued that it was an exception that the AG published the conclusions of an inquiry that wholly address the questions made to the Magistrate.

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