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Serb accused of killing Hugo Chetcuti has ‘armed robbery’ past, spent time in prison



The man accused of killing Paceville entrepreneur Hugo Chetcuti was using a false name and a fake passport, and had a history of armed robbery, according to reports in the Serbian media.

Bojan Cmelik, 35, stabbed Chetcuti twice in the stomach on Friday 6 June. The businessman died six days later in hospital. The Serbian man was arrested after a chase and was later charged with attempted murder. That charge will now be converted to murder.

Serbian news outlet Telegraf reported on Tuesday that the accused’s name is actually Bojan Mitic, and that he was using a fake passport in Malta.

The man has a “rich” criminal history in Serbia, the news portal reports, adding that the police were made aware of this by an acquaintance of the former employee of Hugo’s business empire.

Mitic had in fact served time in prison in Serbia.

Bojan Cmelik – Photo: Net News


“Mitic has participated in many armed robberies in Serbia, and the Maltese police are still investigating his past,” Telegraf reports.

Mitic was one of seven men who were arrested for armed robbery in 2005 in Belgrade. Over six million Serbian dinars were stolen in the heist. Mitic managed to escape but was arrested a few days later.

The police had found large quantities of cash, weapons, ammunition and ‘phantom’ cash registers in his apartment.

 He spent six years in jail and was released in 2016, according to Telegraf.

Hugo Chetcuti

The newspaper’s source said: “I’ve known Bojan since childhood. I remember he was an athlete, he liked basketball. I cannot believe he did this. He was normal.”

The source told Telegraf that Mitic came to Malta shortly after his release from prison. He found work at one of Chetcuti’s establishments, where his brother also worked.

Bojan’s brother fled Malta after Chetcuti’s murder, the report claims.

The Malta Indpendent had revealed that the Serb was a formed employee at one of Hugo’s establishments. A company spokesperson later said Cmelik had been dismissed some eight months ago but there were no signs of animosity at the time.

Last week, lawyer Joe Giglio, who is representing the Chetcuti family, said the Serb had been sacked after he was found to be drunk on the job. The lawyer also said Cmelik was “mentally disturbed.”


Main photo: James Caruana

Original article found on The Malta Independent


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