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Malta deserves new financial aid to make up for any loss from EU cohesion fund – Sant


Malta deserves new financial aid from the EU due to its geographical position in the periphery of Europe to make up for any loss from Cohesion Funds in the European Budget of 2020-2027 thus guaranteeing its fair share from the new EU Budget, Alfred Sant, Head of the Maltese S&D Delegation at the European Parliament told a large audience in Żejtun.

Sant said that the UK’s contribution to the EU Budget from the EU comes at a time when Europe is facing new priorities notably immigration and the security policy. Brexit means Malta is losing an ally in the EU because the UK agreed and backed Malta’s position on financial services.

“Immigration problems in the east and central Europe will increase financial pressure on Europe to defend its frontiers. This is apart from the fact that the EU must determine how to defend its sea frontiers between North Africa and Europe. The EU needs to invest more in African countries. Since Trump assumed power, the EU has realised that it cannot depend solely on the US for its security. Trump himself said that Europe must increase its share without relying solely on NATO for its security.”

Malta benefitted most from the Cohesion Funds on infrastructure, transport, energy, education and industrial projects. Malta’s contribtion to the EU Budget has increased considerably due to its unprecedent economical expansion since Independence.

Sant said the EU is considering new taxes on a corporate level.

“A new tax on plastic, new taxes on financial services and corporate taxes on all EU member states are all being considered.”

France and Italy are opposing the proposed Budget cuts on agriculture, the East European countries protested against Cohesion Funds cuts, Holland maintains it will contribute more than it takes from the European Budget. The German Government is facing internal problems because the Bavarian Coalition is challenging Merkel’s decisions.

Photo: Alfred Sant addresses Malta’s new challenges related to the new European Budget in Żejtun.

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