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Malta sends warm wishes to New Zealand’s prime minister


Malta’s prime minister has congratulated his counterpart in New Zealand after she gave birth to her first child.

Jacinda Ardern, 37, is the first leader in modern history to have a baby while in office.

Joseph Muscat was quick to send warm wishes to his Commonwealth colleague following the birth of her daughter.

He tweeted: ‘Congratulations Jacinda and Clarke from Michelle and myself. Welcome to the newborn.’

Dr Muscat and Ms Arden have worked closely together on a number of Commonwealth issues, including the impact of Brexit.

The New Zealand prime minister said her daughter was born on Thursday afternoon.

She posted on Facebook: ‘Feeling very lucky to have a healthy baby girl that arrived at 4.45pm weighing 3.31kg.

‘Thank you so much for your best wishes and your kindness.

‘We’re all doing really well thanks to the wonderful team at Auckland City hospital.’

She will take six weeks of maternity leave, and has now passed on her duties to New Zealand’s deputy prime minister Winston Peters.

In a statement, she added: ‘I’m sure we’re going through all of the emotions new parents go through, but at the same time feeling so grateful for all the kindness and best wishes from so many people. Thank you.’

Congratulations poured in from around the Commonwealth, with the prime ministers of Britain and Australia also sending good wishes to their colleague in Auckland.

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