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Partit Demokratiku questions why Government selling public land and assets


Partit Demokratiku said it supports the Do Not Bury Us Alive! campaign which seeks to protect the residents of Pembroke, Swieqi and St Julian’s from the threats posed by the ITS megaproject. The project and similar projects in the vicinity are being carried out in the absence of a holistic context or national master plan, PD said in a statement.

This symptom of an unsustainable development does not only have implications for our health, well-being or quality of life. There are potential economic consequences as well.

All across the island, there is a development frenzy to create hotels, without a comprehensive study of the impact on supply and demand in the tourism sector. Increasing the numbers of tourists is not the way forward, as Malta and Gozo have already exceeded their carrying capacity, and if the economy is to be grown through attracting more people to the island, then corresponding policy and work must be done to take care of our water problem, our weak infrastructure and the crisis in traffic.

Partit Demokratiku believes that people and their well-being should come before money and greed. If the people of Pembroke, Swieqi and St Julian’s are being affected by commercial over-urbanization and a loss of our natural capital which also includes our waters and St. George’s Bay, then they should not be forced to change their way of life to make a few people rich. Instead, quality of life, well-being and health must be prioritised, and measures taken to deal with Malta’s water problem, infrastructure and improve its public transport.

Partit Demokratiku questions why the Government sold its, a public road and car park to db Group in the first place, for it surely did not need the little money that was earned, and there is no gap in the economy demanding that this project go ahead.

For a long-term successful development, Partit Demokratiku reiterates that in August of last year, it submitted a Private Members’ Bill for a National master plan, which should become the Government’s priority.

Partit Demokratiku questions why, instead, the government’s priority seems to be the selling of Malta’s public land and assets.



Original article found on The Malta Independent


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