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Woman charged with petrol station thefts to be given treatment for drug addiction


A woman has been remanded in custody for stealing fuel from petrol stations.

Ellie Briffa, 24, from Mosta was supposed to be arraigned with her boyfriend Linaeker David Micallef, on charges of complicity in the thefts from two petrol stations in Msida and Birkirkara, but Micallef had to be taken to hospital after feeling ill. He will be arraigned separately next week.

The pair, who had been on bail for other offences, had fled from a police station where they signed a bail book after they were informed that they were going to be re-arrested for the fuel thefts. They were captured after spending a week on the run, yesterday.

Before Magistrate Ian Farrugia, Inspectors Mark Mercieca and Roderick Spiteri charged Briffa with several counts of theft aggravated by time, heroin possession and failing to obey lawful police orders. She was also charged with breaching bail.

Briffa denied the charges.

Inspector Mercieca explained how during March police had investigated a number of reports of fuel theft from the petrol stations in Msida and Gzira. CCTV showed a man and a woman driving a red Kia Mentor as stealing the fuel. The thieves were recognised as Linaeker David Micallef and Ellie Briffa. When they were arrested, drugs were found in their possession, the Inspector said.

Briffa did not request bail at this stage. Lawyer Ishmael Psaila requested treatment for drug addiction for his client. “She definitely needs help, whatever form it may take, in this regard.”

In view of the fact that the woman would be remanded in custody, the court ordered the director of Corradino Correctional Facility to give the woman all required assistance.


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