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Malta transitioning into leadership role on future of Europe debate


Through a memorandum of understanding signed between Europaforum Hässleholm and Malta, our country will now a have a new platform of discussion. Europaforum Hässleholm is an area where important and current European issues are discussed. Since 2003, Europaforum Hässleholm has developed from a half-day seminar to the largest arena in Sweden for discussing and debating the future of Europe. The annual event deals with economic, scientific and contemporary societal issues with a broad participation of regional and international actors.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Dr Vanni Xuereb the Head of MEUSAC (the Malta-EU Steering and Action Committee) and Bengt-Arne Persson, the Hässleholm Municipal Chief Executive, during a visit to Hässleholm by Parliamentary Secretary Dr Aaron Farrugia. The Memorandum of Understanding commits Malta and Hässleholm to a partnership in which Hässleholm advises Malta in the start-up of its own Europaforum. Parliamentary Secretary Dr Aaron Farrugia stated that the establishment of Europe Forum Malta is important for developing Malta’s citizen’s involvement in the debate about the future of Europe and the European Union.

Farrugia noted that “Malta is no longer a new member state, as we are transitioning to a leadership role where our citizens now expect to play a more proactive role participating in debate on Europe’s future. Europaforum is a model we want to replicate in Malta. I am pleased that we signed a memorandum of understanding today committing to working together, and whereby the Hässleholm team will assist us in delivering a Europaforum event in Malta. I am very grateful for such a warm welcome and such a willingness to share ideas and experiences. I believe this is the beginning of a deep and special relationship between Hässleholm and Malta”.​

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