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St Paul’s Bay finally selects mayor; PN Councillor Anne Fenech to take the role


PN Councillor Anne Fenech has assumed the role of St Paul’s Bay mayor following months of uncertainty.

Daniel Grima will be the Deputy Mayor. 

Graziella Galea resigned from mayor of St Paul’s Bay in January as she was facing a motion of no confidence filed earlier by all Labour councillors as well as two former PN councillors who had stayed on as independents. The motion spoke of “problems in the running of the St Paul’s Bay local council’, which have been ongoing for a while.

The PN would twice open up judicial proceedings over the matter, insisting that the PN had to keep hold of the majority to reflect the result of the previous local council election. The party also accusedPL St Paul’s Bay councillors of hindering mayor’s election to seize control for themselves.

Council staff were left without salaries over the stalemate, with the government intervening to pay the wages and Minister Owen Bonnici calling for a resolution. 

Fenech was selected as she obtained the more first-count votes in the 2015 election than any other remaining PN councillor.

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